Winegrowers Supplies  -  Grape De-stemmer/Crushers - up to 3 tonnes/hour

  An article about crushing and de-stemming. De-stemming before crushing is much better than crushing first.

Rebel-30: De-stemmer/Crusher without mash pump, throughput up to 3000 kilos/hour, 3495 Euros:-


With fixed stainless steel cage (removable for cleaning) and fixed stainless steel beater-paddles, mash collection tank with central outlet;
a large rubber impeller pump or eccentric screw pump is required to move the mash into a press or tank; this is more gentle on the berries than is the built-in 'mash-pump' of cheaper models.
With adjustable (0 to 25 mm gap) star-shape rubber rollers.

Easy to clean by means of a hinged-opening; no need to remove belts or chains. 2HP (1.5 kWatt) motor.
Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel. 115 x 68 x 85 cm high, hopper is 54 x 90 cm, weighs 90 kilos.

TEM Delta 30/R: De-stemmer/Crusher without mash pump, variable speed 2500 to 3000 kilos/hour, 4965 Euros
                             or with Nylon cage instead of stainless steel, 395 Euros extra

The Delta 30/R de-stemmer/crusher has been designed for high quality smaller winemaking.
The machine comprises a hopper for receiving the grape bunches with an auger for transferring them to a stem removing basket,
which has a beater with adjustable rubber-covered blades, rotating at 520 rpm.
After stalk removal the berries fall on to two rubber rollers where gentle crushing takes place; below the rollers there is an auger for moving the crushed grapes.

The machine is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and is controlled by a 380 volt three-phase or 230 volt single-phase electric motor (1.8 kWatt) with pulley speed change.
The basket, beater and must collection tub are removable for easy cleaning.
150 x 78 x 151 cm high, weighs 185 kilos.
It can be used with a low speed elliptic piston pump; 50 or 60 mm diameter outlet, to move the mash into a press or tank.

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