Winegrowers Supplies  -  Enolmaster vacuum bottle filler and Tandem Professional cartridge filter, for bottling wine, cider, vinegar, juices, oils, syrup etc

  The Enolmaster:-

Model for wine: 2140.00 Euros
    or with nozzles for Mignon (miniature) bottles, 2310 Euros

Model for alcohol (over 20%) or for hot filling, with Pyrex glass recovery vessel, 2325 Euros
    or with ATEX approved pump, for higher alcohol, 2450 Euros

    or with nozzles for Mignon (miniature) bottles, 2485 Euros
    or with nozzles for Mignon (miniature) bottles and ATEX approved pump, for higher alcohol, 2645 Euros

Model for oil, 2195 Euros
    or with nozzles for Mignon (miniature) bottles, 2355 Euros


Like the Enolmatic, it removes air from the bottle by means of a vacuum pump. The vacuum (0.8 Bar) draws the liquid directly into the bottle without any contact with the mechanical components.
It has a stainless steel frame and four filling heads. The filling level is adjustable, once set it automatically fills the bottle to the desired level.
Tenco claim it can fill (without filtration) up to 600 0.75 litre bottles/hour of wine or 500 0.75 litre bottles/hour of oil, in hygienic conditions and with no spillage.
It is the ideal equipment for edible oil producers. Simple to use and easy to clean; a great advantage especially when bottling oil.

Bottle neck inside diameter 16 to 28 mm. Bottle height from about 200 to 330 mm.
The tank from which the liquid is taken can be as much as 4 metres below.
Size: 650 mm x 460 mm x 450 mm high. Weight: 25 kilos.
Electrical supply: 220 V, 50 Hz, 120 Watt.

The set of 4 nozzles for Mignon (miniature) bottles can be purchased separately: stainless steel Mignon nozzles, 1230 Euros
The 4 nozzles are mounted on a frame, which can be interchanged easily with the frame of standard nozzles. Then just the hoses have to be changed over.

Tenco say that a special oil-filled air filter should be installed when filling liquids with a high concentration of sugar, in order to avoid the sugar in the vapour reaching the pump; the crystals would damage the pump. It makes sense to have this when filling liquors, syrup, vinegar, hot juices etc. 125 Euros

By connecting a Tandem Professional filter housing unit and filter cartridges, it is possible to siphon, filter and fill in one operation:-

Tandem Professional filter unit for wine, 395.00 Euros
Tandem Professional filter unit for alcohol over 20%, with Pyrex glass filter-housing, 495.00 Euros


Three cartridges fit in the unit, these function in parallel. To carry out coarse and fine filtration in one run it is possible to connect a second unit in series.

Tandem filter cartridges, washable and reusable:-

Plastic filter cartridges: made from food-grade fibreglass material, providing a large internal surface area, for depth filtration.
They have a high quality plastic housing so there is no risk of the filter material entering the wine.

0.2 micron: for non-dry wines and ciders; this removes yeast and bacteria, 42.50
0.5 micron: for dry wines and ciders; this removes yeast but not all bacteria, 42.50
1 micron or 5 micron: for spirits or red wines or pre-filtering, 42.50

99.9% of the particles larger than the specified micron rating will be trapped on or within the filter.


Stainless steel filter cartridges: with care these should last almost indefinitely.

They provide only surface filtration, so require more frequent 'back-flushing' than the plastic cartridges do; you can read the back-flushing procedure lower down on this page.

To clean a stainless steel cartridge which has gradually become blocked after long term use: prepare a water + caustic soda solution and leave the cartridge in the solution overnight, afterwards rinse very thoroughly with fresh water.

These robust stainless steel 'basket' cartridges are available in three different grades:
5 micron or 10 micron, 135.00 - for final 'polishing'; 5 micron is used by most distillers,
or 50 micron for pre-filtering, 116.00

10 micron will remove very small solid and semi-solid particles suspended in first pressing oil.
The oil can thus be visually clear while maintaining its original colour and properties and the opacity typical of high quality oil.
It is not possible for the human eye to see individual particles of less than 35 microns.

If there is a fine haze in the liquid being filtered, these cartridges will not remove it; it depends on the range of particle sizes in the liquid.
To achieve 'crystal clear' you probably need to use a finer standard cartridge, 1 micron or smaller.
You may need to fine the liquid rather than filter, depending on what the haze is caused by.

Enolclean-Enolsan: powder for washing and sanitising filter cartridges; it is not suitable for oils.
            Make up a 10 grams/litre solution, 250 grams is enough for 25 cleanings, 9.50

Some people advise first back-flushing the cartridge with water while it is in the Tandem housing.
Then soak the cartridge in the Enolsan solution, for between 1 and 12 hours, agitate it in the solution. Hot water can be used (maximum 60C) to make the Enolsan solution.
Then rinse thoroughly with clean water, and allow the filter to dry completely.
Then store it in a dry but airy place. Do not store the cartridges in a freezer.
The washing/sanitising process for stainless steel cartridges is the same.

Washing a plastic cartridge does not restore the white colour of a new cartridge, but it serves to remove most of the residues retained during processing. Some colour from red wine remains visible.
On average, when filtering wine, a plastic cartridge has a duration of about 2500 litres of filtered product.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.