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The internal diameter of the hose must be large enough so that significant turbulence does not occur in the flow:-

         20 mm internal diameter, up to 3,500 litres/hour,
         25 mm internal diameter, up to 5,470 litres/hour,
         32 mm internal diameter, up to 8,960 litres/hour,
         38 mm internal diameter, up to 12,600 litres/hour,
         50 mm internal diameter, up to 21,900 litres/hour,
         60 mm internal diameter, up to 31,500 litres/hour.

Where pump speeds are stated (litres/hour), this is the maximum, at zero pressure. The speed reduces as pump-head-height increases, typically 5000 litres/hour would reduce to 3000 litres/hour at 2.0 bar pressure.
A bypass, where specified, will allow speed to be reduced and provide pressure control.

Air powered diaphragm pumps are multi-use, safe and easy-to-use. They run on compressed air rather than electricity and move liquid via the compression and expansion of membranes, or diaphragms, inside the pump housing.
These pumps are very gentle, can have a valve closed against them (advantageous when filling barrels) and can create enough head pressure to move wine uphill, though a sheet filter or across great distances.
Some claim that they are not good for moving mash, but others say that larger models are some of the best pumps for moving juicy mash because they don't chew up seeds and skins like rubber-impeller pumps do. They don't work for dry de-stalked mash, but they are good with all other tasks and especially must pump-overs.
The winery needs to have an air compressor.

It's the only type of pump to use for safely pumping up to 96% alcohol:-

Air-operated FDA CERTIFIED diaphragm pump in AISI 316 stainless steel CERTIFIED ATEX ZONA 2 - - C
EX 3/3 GD c IIB T135C, choice of outlet threads:-

Three models:-
Pumping height up to 80 metres, maximum pressure 8 bar, suck from up to 6 metres, max liquid temperature 95 C.


P-50, 1180 Euros

Pumps at up to 3000 litres/hour
Maximum diameter for passing solids: 3.5 mm
225 x 156 x 230 mmH, weighs 6 kilos.

Air connection " bsp
Liquid connection: " bsp female

Connectors (at extra cost), 1" Tri-clamp or DN20 or DN25
Air pressure regulator, 96 Euros
Stainless steel trolley, 190 Euros


Chart of pump pressure (blue, 2 to 7 bar) and air consumption (brown, in Nl/minute **), with pump head height H(m):-


                                        pumping speed (litres/minute)

** Nl/min means 'Normal litres per minute'. It is the amount of air that flows through a pipe, but calculated back to 'Normal' conditions.
    Normal conditions being: 0 degrees Celsius, 1 atmosphere (1.01325 bar).

Approximately: divide the Normal liters per minute (Nl/min) by the 'pressure + 1' to get the l/min air flow through the pipe.
for example: 480 Nl/min at 6 bar = 480/7 = 68.5 l/min (= 2.42 cubic feet per minute) compressed air flow through the pipe.

Special hoses are required for alcohol up to 96%: only UPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is suitable,
          20 mm or 25 mm internal diameter, secure terminations are essential (not just a hose-clip).

I recommend you contact:-
Parishose Ltd, Unit 22 Wellington Business Park, Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 6LS
Tel: 01344 758 600  e-mail: website:

Larger models:-

       P-100 and P-160


P-100: pumps at up to 7200 litres/hour, maximum diameter of solids 3.5 mm, mounted on stainless steel trolley, 2034 Euros
Air connection 3/8" bsp, liquid connection 1" clamp. 250 x 175 x 250 mmH, weighs 9 kilos + trolley.

P-160: pumps at up to 9600 litres/hour, maximum diameter of solids 7.5 mm, mounted on stainless steel trolley, 2364 Euros
Air connection " bsp, liquid connection 1" clamp. 360 x 220 x 365 mmH, weighs 20 kilos + trolley.

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