Winegrowers Supplies  -  Stainless steel Cylindro-conical Tanks, the latest brewing technology

'state of the art' fermentation and maturation in the same tank; these are not pressure tanks.

From Slovenia: excellent quality:-

Any size and specification can be made but the photo shows a tank of
  400 litres capacity, 3200 Euros
  diameter 795 mm, height 1650 mm (625 mm shell, 635 mm cone).
  Sufficient for 2 bbl = 327 litres.

AISI 304 stainless steel, 2 mm thick for the 60 cone, 1.5 mm thick for the shell and top. Marbled finish outside, mirror polished inside.
On three legs, 860 mm tall, adjustable height.
Bottom outlet: DIN40 (with seal), butterfly valve and sealing cap.
Side outlet: DIN40 (with seal), butterfly valve and sealing cap.
Sampling valve " DIN20.
Connection " for temperature probe.
Top: round manhole 400 mm diameter, with pressure relief valve DIN50.
Spray ball for internal washing out - CIP (cleaning in place):-


Optional cooling jacket: the tank in the photo has three separate cooling jackets, to allow stratified control. 1" bsp connections.
Optional round manhole 300 mm diameter on the side.

 or a much cheaper tank from Italy:-

       Open top with stainless steel cover lid.
Outlets are small: " bsp male at bottom, " bsp on side.
Ball-valves are extra cost.

A 'cooling snake' is the best option for cooling, which can be pulled out for cleaning. Cleaning through the wide top is very easy.

The largest is 300 litres, 650 mm diameter 1850 mm high, 935 Euros

                or 200 litres, 540 mm diameter 1850 mm high, 715 Euros

                or 100 litres, 615 Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.