Winegrowers Supplies  -  ZERO Pressure Controller for automatically supplying CO2 to the airspace at the top of a tank

If tanks are not full then, to stop oxidation, you need to put a 'blanket layer' of CO2 gas (from a cylinder) over the liquid; CO2 is heavier than air so covers over the surface.

     135 Euros

This Controller uses a sealed system to preclude air, oxygen, airborne bacteria etc, thus maintaining the condition of the wine, cider or beer for long periods, without the disadvantages of pressure methods which introduce larger amounts of CO2 into the drink.

This Controller can be fitted easily to existing cellar installations.
It does not apply any significant CO2 pressure on the liquid and avoids any pressure build-up in the tank or cask.

A CO2 cylinder needs to be connected to the inlet breather, at cylinder pressure (up to 15 Bar) the controller will automatically provide CO2 to the tank or barrel at virtually zero pressure; there is pressure relief at 1.068 Bar (1 psig).

Your CO2 cylinder will have a regulator on the outlet, which can reduce the pressure to around 15 bar.
I can supply machines which collect and store CO2 given off during fermentation but they are rather expensive; if your 'carbon footprint' is important then it may be worthwhile eventually.

Each tank requires a separate Controller, but many Controllers can be connected (in parallel) to one CO2 cylinder.

Inlet: a hose-tail for 9.5 mm internal diameter hose. Up to 15 Bar pressure, with a safety limit of 60 Bar.

Outlet: a hose-tail for 9.5 mm internal diameter hose. This is clearly labelled.

I don't supply the 9.5 mm internal diameter high pressure hose. You can find this via Google, from specialist suppliers. The external diameter of the hose is about 18 mm.
I can supply Silicone-rubber bungs with a 17 mm hole, to replace the air-lock (pressure-relief valve) in the top of the tank.
The Outlet hose can be pushed into the 17 mm hole, so a good seal is formed.

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.