Winegrowers Supplies  -  The use of Trub-ex

Erbslöh Trub-ex is a long-fibred cellulose product for removing 'slime' residues (press lees or de-acidification deposits) from the must. All of the must/ juice can be recovered:-

According to the solids content of the must, stir in 1 - 3 kilos of Trub-ex per 100 litres.
After a short soaking time put the mixture into a press; a Hydropress is ideal for this, most will flow through as free-run juice, the rest can be pressed out slowly.

Move the Trub-ex/lees mixture as little as possible in the press. Any cloudy liquid which comes out initially can be mixed directly with more Trub-ex and be put back into the press; or added at the next pressing together with more lees.

If Perlite is used with Trub-ex it should be stirred into the lees before the Trub-ex. About two-thirds as much Perlite should be used as Trub-ex. I've not found any advantage from adding Perlite.

Trub-ex must be protected from moisture and odours.